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A Glimpse into the Life of Abbot Pennings


Abbot Pennings saying mass

Upon Pennings arrival in Wisconisn, Bishop Meessmer appointed the young Pennings to Our Lady of the Snow in Door County. Then Pennings and Broens both moved to St. Joseph's Parish where Pennings became pastor in 1898.Whether or not this was by consent or by appointment is unknown; many believe that he had many qualities, experiences as well as a healthy ambition to make him suitable for the position of Abbot. Just as it was not certain if Abbot Pennings was appointed to his position or volunteeered is the same with his immagration to the United States. Pennings was not the only Dutch pastor that immagrated to the Green Bay/Strugeon Bay but was actually a part of group that was hailed by diocese of Green Bay Bishop Sebastian Messmer.(van Stratum)

As for Abbot Pennings sermons, very few were documanted or outlined; yet for the few that remain, they were neat, and in cursive. All of them also started with a title in latin to give the sermon it's theme. Also, something very interesting do to the low level of foreign language taught in Dutch schools at the time, the sermons were written in French. While on the subject of language, Abbot Penning had a qutie a hard time learning English upon arrival, so difficult he worte to Dutch relatives about it.(van Stratum)

Abbot Pennings 90th birthday mass