A Glimpse into the Life of Abbot Pennings


For my digital project I chose to focus on the life of Abbot Pennings at St. Norbert College. Abbot Pennings was an abbot at St. Norbert College from 1898 when he founded St. Norbert College until his death/retirement in 1955. He was a leader in the church as well as an educator in the college. During his time at St. Norbert College the fine arts building was named after him and after his time at St. Norbert College a statue was erected in his honor. The fact that Abbot Pennings was honored with a building and statue does not surprise me because Abbot Pennings was extremely influential to St. Norbert College for he was not only dedicated in that he founded that college but also devoted the majority of his lifetime to developing St. Norbert College. (van Stratum)

This collection is mainly comprised of still images of important and noteable events in Abbot Penning's life. My hope for this collection is that more people, including my peers at St. Norbert College, can gain a better sense of the impact and influence Abbot Pennings had on  the St. Norbert College campus as well as the De Pere community. (van Stratum)


Erin Worzalla



This about section explains the process followed in order to create this A Glimpse into the Life of Abbot Pennings as well as the scholarly value of the digital project to a broader audience.

Role in the Church

This section is focused on the role Abbot Pennings as a Catholic spirital leader displaying photos of Abbot Pennings preaching at Old Saint Joseph church on the St. Norbert College campus. With that being said, it should not be forgotten that Abbot Pennings also preched at the St. Norbert Abbey across the Fox River in East De Pere. Photos displaying that fact would have been included if available, which they were not.(van Stratum)

Role with the Youth

This section aims to help depict the type of relationship Abbot Pennings had with students not only on St. Norbert College's campus but also throughout the community with some younger children. The objective of displaying photos of Abbot Pennings with the youth was not only to show his love for the youth but to also show that Abbot Pennings realized that by building the youth, investing time and effort into them, he was building a better community. Also, from this section you can tell that the youth felt that Abbot Pennings cared for them and reciprocated the feeling. (van Stratum)

Role in St. Norbert College Community

Abbot Pennings was not only a prominent figure in the church and the student body, but was also a substanial force in the St. Norbert College campus. This is an important section considering the facts that Abbot Pennings founded St. Norbert College, in honor of Saint Norbert of Xanten, and was President of St. Norbert College for 57 years, exactly half of St. Norbert College's existence. (van Stratum)